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Company History

Fundición Qualy was established in 1975 in Monterrey Mexico starting as a Machining Shop. Given the needs of the Machining Shop was born our foundry area.

Initiating with a facility of 450m2, a cupola furnace, producing around 2 to 3 metric tons per week, only pouring gray iron and working with around 5 employees, Qualy has grown substantially elevating our production levels, expanding our portfolio with more complex and heavy parts and recently incorporated into our service the manufacture of brand new patterns and machining area.

Now a days we have a 44,000m2 facility, electrical induction furnaces, CNC machining centers, a melting capacity of 750 metric tons of gray and ductile iron, and around 250 employees.



  • Tooling

    We have two pattern areas, the first where only minor repairs are made and the second where we have the highest technology for the development and manufacture of brand new models..

  • Core
  • Robert Sinto

Our company

Is a proud maker of iron castings, machined parts, and patterns. We work with important customers in different markets such as:
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Hydraulic Pumps

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Street Lighting


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