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With over 41 years of experience supplying the US castings Industry, we fully understand the importance of always being able to offer the best services available. In order to fulfill our client’s needs, we provide value added services to perform at the highest level, always improving ourselves.

Gray & Ductile Iron

We can pour pieces from 1 lb up to 2300 lbs. using our 5 production lines. Each one designed to produce pieces according their size, volume and weight.

Pattern Shop

Indoor pattern shop with two different areas, the first where only minor repairs are made and the second where we have the highest technology.

Machine Shop

Capacity to deliver a fully machined pieces to our clients. Our machine shop has ten, state of the art, CNC’s of different sizes (vertical and horizontal length).

Quality Lab

To ensure the quality of our products and control the variables of our processes we have professionals and specialized equipment.

Paint Booth, Packing and Shipping

Capacity to apply paint or primer to finished goods. Either by immersion or by spray. We fully comply with our client’s requirements in terms of special packing and /or shipping.

Customer Service

Personalized Customer Service. Our CS representatives are more than glad to help and attend our client’s needs at the shortest time possible. The language is not a barrier, “au contraire”, we will attend you as you expect a great Customer Service department is intended to work.

About us

Fundición Qualy was established in 1975 in Monterrey Mexico starting as a Machining Shop. Given the needs of the Machining Shop was born our foundry area. Initiating with a facility of 450m2, a cupola furnace, producing around 2 to 3 metric tons per week, only pouring gray iron and working with around 5 employees, Qualy has grown substantially elevating our production levels, expanding our portfolio with more complex and heavy parts and recently incorporated into our service the manufacture of brand new patterns and machining area.

Now a days we have a 44,000m2 facility, electrical induction furnaces, CNC machining centers, a melting capacity of 750 metric tons of gray and ductile iron, and around 250 employees.

1975: Maquinados Gamar (machine shop) was born with 450m2.


1977: Foundry Operations started to fulfill the machine shop needs.


1990: The company changed to be now Fundicion Qualy, with the actual location of 45,000 m2.


2005: The first CNC machines were acquired under the name of “MAPSA” a sister company from Qualy.


2016: Machine Shop (MAPSA) was merged with Qualy on the same location to be now a single unit.



Our company is a proud maker of iron castings, machined parts, and patterns. We work with important customers in different markets such as:

- Hydraulic Pumps

- Electrical Motors

- Power Transmissions

- Valves

- Street Lighting

Time Hours

Design, Photography

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Design, Photography

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Design, Photography

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Design, Photography

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Design, Photography

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Design, Photography

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Design, Photography

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Design, Photography


Pablo Moreno

Martketing & sales Manager

Email: pmoreno@qualy.com.mx

Luis Jimenez

Customer Service

Email: customer.service@qualy.com.mx

Mauro Bocardo

Customer Service

Email: customer.service3@qualy.com.mx


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For us it is a pleasure to serve you. Therefore, we offer different ways to answer each of your requests in the way that suits you.

  • Address: Carretera Huinala-Pesqueria Km 2.2 Apodaca N.L. México
  • Phone: +52 (81) 8864 4006 al 08 y +52 (81) 8386 2504 y 09
  • Email: admin@qualy.com.mx