Quality Policy

To know and fulfill all customer requirements, through a working system that constantly improve our processes, keeping all staff motivated and committed to achieve our goals.

Our Mission

Dedicated to supply high quality products and seeking to meet the expectations of our customers, FUNDICION QUALY is a metalworking company, providing finished castings of gray and ductile iron using the best raw material, tools, equipment and technology as well as competent and qualified human talent in order to guarantee the best results of each activity developed.

Our Vision 2019

Providing castings of gray and ductile iron, as well as machining services, FUNDICION QUALY seeks to be the best option for the national and international metalworking market, in order to find the stability and satisfaction of our employees, customers and shareholders, accomplishing this by:

* Training constantly our staff.

*Using the best technology to guarantee the quality of the products.

*Keeping our ISO 9001 certification.

*Implementing 5's in all areas.

Our Values





Code of Ethics and Conduct

FUNDICION QUALY counts with a code of ethics and conduct which apply to the personnel of the company. This code of ethics and conduct defines the guidelines and standards of integrity and transparency that all employees of FUNDICIÓN QUALY must follow. To the extent that they are compatible, these guidelines should be applied in the relationship of FUNDICIÓN QUALY With clients, suppliers, companies, government, etc. According to the laws in force. Within the framework of the employment relationship, all personnel must perform their duties in accordance with the laws, external and internal regulations and the guidelines of this code, on the basis of personal commitment to honesty, loyalty and transparency in all Labor acts. Any work behavior that gives the employee or his or her associates an unauthorized personal benefit, to the detriment of the company or any of its interest groups, shall be considered as contrary to the principles of this Code.

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Conflict of interests

FUNDICION QUALY counts with an Interest conflict policy, which the purpose is to establish guidelines so that the business, professional and community activities carried out by employees of FUNDICIÓN QUALY within and outside this company are carried out in an environment of conduct and moral integrity of the personnel, which does not harm or undermine business purposes and principles, thus contributing to the achievement of the company's economic and social objectives.

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Conflict Minerals

Qualy will not provide any support to non-governmental organizations that impose illegal taxes to the mining sector, transportation routes, business centers, or any higher level on the supply chain. Likewise, Qualy has an integrated policy that states that all employees are forbidden to get involves on any corruption or bribery act. Qualy expects from all suppliers to at least comply with the same principles.